OCU Puzzle map

It’s… a little hard to blog about this map since it’s in Dr. Woodworth’s office and I have only seen it once (when I put it together). But luckily I have a picture, so maybe that will help.

First off, I haven’t done a puzzle since I worked at the YMCA summer camp when I was 16, so just putting it together was an awesome throwback for me. My skills as a puzzlist (yes, I just coined a new word) are to be reckoned with, I am fearsome,  speed demon. That being said it took me like 5 minutes to put the (about) 12 pieces on there, I felt like a newborn sloth. Anywho, the puzzle itself is awesome. Every time I see the pictures and hear the stories my classmates have it makes me wish I would have been able to go to Oklahoma. It looks like the pictures were taken at a park or somewhere on campus. Knowing myself, if I had visited the place where the pictures were taken I would have definitely got on the bulls and had someone take pictures of me– bulls are awesome.

The picture on the top right was of some kind of pretty yellow flower… I don’t know anything about flowers or plants really, so I… don’t… know what kind of flower it is.

The picture on the top left reminded me of my trip to Gatlinburg last summer. The picturesque stream babbling over the rocks is almost just like one that I saw in the Mountains of Tennessee. I actually have pictures of the exact stream it reminds me of, it’s just a matter of finding them.

The picture on the bottom right, of a pond (maybe a lake) reminds me of all the times I went fishing with my dad and my oldest brother in my hometown, Prattville. We have a large park with a big pond stocked with some bass and catfish and it was a great place to spend some man time when I was a little kid and it was still new. But, now the pond is dirty and no one really goes fishing there anymore.

All in all, it was an awesome map, and really reminded me of a lot of great stuff from my past, thank you to whoever made it!




I have acquired the map and I didn’t know it, but there is a back side. The first thing that I noticed on the back was the cupcake– cupcakes are delicious. I assume that it is some sort of dessert shop. Just around the corner there is an ice cream cone– more desserts, delicious.

The map on the back honestly doesn’t tell me a whole lot since I’ve never been there. All I really see is that there is a park and then also some streets…. is it part of the campus?



Timothy McVeigh, the person who bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, obviously had no regard for human life. He sought to punish the government for what he though was corrupt acts in the FBI sieges of Waco and Ruby Ridge. Both of these places were owned by religious nut-jobs who thought there was a pending apocalypse and stockpiled illegal firearms. The FBI and the ATF were only doing their jobs by raiding the places for illegal guns and they were confronted by and fired upon by the residents.

The people who lived in Waco and Ruby Ridge as well as those associated with the OKC bombings were obviously not normal. Their disregard for human life is worrying, I honestly didn’t realize that america had crazy organizations like this until I looked into it more, it’s actually kind of scary.

IP Story

The only Intellectual property I really have is the music I have made. It’s not that popular of a genre so, as far as I know, no one has manipulated it, remixed it, or even stolen it. I do wish, though, that it would be featured in some sort of “breakdown highlight video” which seem pretty popular on youtube, those really seem to get bands noticed. Maybe I should just make one myself?


Sorry this post is so late by the way, I never realized that it didn’t get posted.

A Fair[l]y Odd Way to Explain Copyright


Most of found this hard to watch, but after a while you get used to to the flow of it (you might have to watch it twice to really “get it”). But, if you couldn’t tell it is made entirely of clips from Disney movies, which bring back a lot of childhood memories for me as I have watched all of those movies dozens of times. I have actually been wanting to break out my VCR and rewatch some of these classics– especially The Lion King, but I digress. This is a very informative video and if you don’t know much about copyright and fair use you should definitely watch it.